Hello, friend.

Daniel Cole started his career in anthropology, learning how to empathically understand the desires of social groups. That understanding informed his education in visual design with a bachelors at Auburn University and later a masters at Virginia Commonwealth University. He has maintained a professional practice of freelance and team-based work since 2009.

Philosophy of Design

Daniel’s work is driven by a mission to help the common good through a thoughtful practice. This mission has lead him to work with clients in the areas of education, urban planning, and wellness. For these clients, he brings an understanding of human centered approaches in branding, user experience, and visual design.

Approach to Products

User experience and visual design are inherently intertwined. A product that is not informed by users, no matter its stylistic leanings, will whither. Equally, a product elegantly mapped to user desires but visually lifeless will also falter over time. In Daniel’s work, he seeks to unify these approaches without sacrificing excellence in either area.